About Elizabeth A. Abts Photography

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all photography by Elizabeth Abts (neé Miller)

Work Experience:
December 2011 - present, Digital Photo Director, UsWeekly, New York, NY.
January 2011 - November 2011, Photo Researcher, Photolibrary, New York, NY.
December 2009 - present, Freelance Photographer, Photoshot, New York, NY.
August 2006 - December 2010, Freelance Photographer, Sipa Press, New York, NY.
August 2006 - December 2010, Photo Editor, Sipa Press, New York, NY.
July - August 2006, Teacher's Assistant, Photo I: Digital, International Center of Photography, New York, NY.
February - June 2006, Intern, GEO Magazine, New York, NY.
January 2004 - 2005, Intern/Contract Photographer, Obie Media, Portland, OR.

Fall 2005 - Summer 2006, Documentary Photography & Photojournalism Program, International Center Of Photography, New York, NY.
Fall 2003 - Spring 2003, Completed coursework in the field of Landscape Photography and Documentary Photography, Oregon College of Arts & Crafts, Portland, OR.
August 1998 - May 2002, BA, English, Lewis & Clark College, Portland, OR.

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"Shift" - publication of graduating students of International Center of Photography class of 2006, pg 102-103

STRIKE ANYWHERE, School of the International Center of Photography, New York, September 8 - November 25, 2012
DINNER, Umbrella Arts, New York, NY, May 2011

Pollux Awards (September edition) - 1st Prize, "Cityscapes" Category, 2011
Shots - Second Place, Student Photographer Competition 2006

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